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Client Service Agreement

Non-refundable Planning Fee

Thank you for deciding to employ Tate Escapes to coordinate and book your upcoming travel arrangements! It is my pleasure to serve you and I am excited to begin coordinating your trip details.

In order to begin work on your trip, a signed Client Service Agreement, Client Profile, Travel Insurance and Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment, and credit card information for the non-refundable planning fee must be received. The purpose of this fee is to cover our initial consultation, my research, expertise, leveraging my global network of contacts, itinerary planning, concierge services, quote and proposal preparation, any document preparation and postal fees, and booking and follow up of all reservations.

Once Tate Escapes provides a complete proposal including pricing, feedback is needed within 7 days. I want you to have the best trip possible and based on experience, by making decisions in a timely fashion, you are more likely to get what you desire and there is less risk that the space we need will no longer be available. If we take much longer, space is often not available, leaving you disappointed and the planning process essentially starting over. If too much time lapses or the scope of the work changes, Tate Escapes reserves discretion to charge an additional fee. Any cancellation fees or penalties are in addition to the non-refundable planning fee paid.

Upon receipt of these items, I will use my full resources and best efforts to provide you with services, which will include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining your travel needs and budget preferences to help select appropriate travel options.
  • Researching and evaluating available travel alternatives and presenting the most suitable options for consideration.
  • Creating and customizing a detailed itinerary outlining all trip inclusions.
  • Seeking your approval before paying for and reserving the agreed upon trip inclusions.
  • Recommending a travel insurance provider (as requested).
  • Processing payment and arranging for delivery of any items needed pre-trip.

I look forward to planning a memorable and seamless travel experience for you!

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